MODEL -1216

Product information

Type: Safety Relief valves
Connections/Rating: Threaded BSP/NPT, PN-40
Dimensions: ½”x¾” a 2”x2”
Material: Stainless steel 316 L
Temperature range: -20 to +350ºC, Cryogenic service until -196ºC

Technical information

Applications: Steam, gases, vapours and liquids
Minimum Set pressure: 0,2 barg
Overpressure: 10%
Blowdown: Gases 10%, liquids 20%
Tolerance Set pressure: ± 3%


Calculation: EN-4126-1 /7
Design: EN-12516-1, EN-4126-1 /7, DIN 259 and ANSI B2.1
Materials: EN Inspection: EN-4126-1 /7