SPS Piping Components and -Systems

with corrosion- and abrasion-resistant linings such as PFA, PFA-AS (anti-static), PFA-HP (high-purity), PVDF,PTFE, PTFE-T (modified), PTFE-AS (anti-static), PP, or ETFE. Products Flanged Pipes
Elbows 90°/60°/45°/30°
Tees and Crosses, Instrument Tees
Reducers, concentric or excentric
Reducing Flanges, Spacers
Liquid Level Gauges
Heavy-duty Expansion Joints
Sizes DN15 – DN150 PN16, DN 200 – DN600 PN10
Standard, upon request 1⁄2" – 24" ANSI 150lbs resp. JIS, BS etc.
Service temperatures from –50°C up to +250°C (-77°F – 555°F), depending on material selection

SLI Lined Components and Molded Parts

for pumps, piping components, vessels, chemical equipment, valves – made of corrosion- and abrasion resistant materials such as PTFE, PTFE-T (modified), PTFE-AS (anti-static), PFA, PFA-AS (anti-static), PFA-HP (high-purity), PVDF, PP, ETFE or UHMWPE.

Heavy-duty PTFE expansion joints, reducing flanges
Dip pipes, suction hoses for vessels or reactors
Bodies for diaphragm valves, sight glasses,
ball check valves, sampling valves
Couplings, flow measuring tubes
Valve- and pressure gauge diaphragms
Solid or hollow balls, balls mit metal insert
Tubes, rods, profiles, bars, plates
customer-driven parts